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KMPM acts for our clients as a professional liaison between landlords and tenants.

Our duties on behalf of our clients include accepting rent, responding to and addressing property maintenance issues, advertising vacancies for landlords, and doing credit and background checks on tenants.

In exchange for this management service we charge landlords a standard percentage of the gross rent collected each month.

Having and using the requisite knowledge gained over 40 years we provide our clients with an efficient and professional property management service performed in the best possible manner.

We are available to discuss your property management needs at any time.

Why choose KMPM?

With so many agents to choose from, why would KMPM be your first choice?

Here are some reasons:

Local know how: Better results

We are a small specialised property management company with an intimate knowledge of our local area. Why is that important? Time and time again we have found that “Local Know How” is the difference between winning or losing out on your behalf. In that context our highly experienced team have worked in the local area for a combined 100 years and all have the benefit of 3rd level education.

Daring to be different

Of course we know that, as estate agents, we are second only to politicians and traffic wardens in the popularity stakes, and it's easy to fall into that cliché. If we are going to change your mind we need to challenge your perception of us with the experience you receive. We strive to make your experience with us successful, professional and – above all – enjoyable. We want you to see the weakness of our industry as one of our strengths.


The old proverb is that ’there is no substitute for experience’. That is why we do not just employ graduates, give them a flashy car and expect them to chase commission. In our experience this only leads to you becoming frustrated with their lack of knowledge and leads to a high staff turnover. Likewise, we are not an antiquated establishment, we employ real people that do real jobs, with the sensitivity to work with you and not waste your time.

Location, location, location

If that is the advice we give to you, it is important that we apply it to ourselves. We are located at 15 Shannon Street, right in the city centre, to give easier access to tenants and prospective tenants, thereby serving both our tenants and our landlords.

Style and substance

Contemporary marketing is at the heart of our business. From branding to advertising, from how our offices look to the brochures we produce, we are investing more in this aspect of our business than ever before. The benefits are higher visibility and greater results for both us and our landlords.


Unlike many non-Estate Agents Landlords & Letting Agents, we are a bonded member of The Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland (SCSI). When it comes to our staff, we favour qualities and qualifications.


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    Kersten Mehl Property Management Ltd
    Registered office:
    15 Shannon Street
    Co Limerick
    Registered in Ireland
    Company registration number: 429763
    Licence Number: 001220

    Tel: +353 061 404 518
    Fax: +353 061 404 576

    A Registered Member of SCSI Logo